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Archie Alleyne International Studies Program

The 2018 Archie Alleyne International Studies Program recipient William Leathers

The Archie Alleyne International Studies Program was established by the Archie Alleyne Scholarship Fund to provide financial scholarships and bursaries to talented African-Canadian musicians to reach their full potential.  All donations received for this program are used to pay for the tuition and residence fees of the applicants directly to the educational institution outside of Canada they are attending.


In order to apply to this program the applicant must be:


  1. Accepted to attend an internationally-recognized music educational institution in a foreign country

  2. Of African-Canadian descent

  3. In need of financial support to pay for their tuition and residency

  4. A recent graduate of high school

  5. Able to travel independently


Applicants are required to provide the following:


  • Biography

  • School Records

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Copy of acceptance from the educational institution

  • Requested amount

  • Demo - 3 pieces (Audio or Video)

  • Financial disclosure by the individual and parent(s) for the past two years to determine if - without the support of this scholarship - the individual’s goal to attend would be unattainable.


Decisions are made by three AASF Board members based on the following criteria:


  • Quality of musicianship

  • References (personal, school, work)

  • Documentation surrounding acceptance at music educational institution

  • The school is an internationally recognized music educational institution outside of Canada

  • Proof of graduation from high school

  • The amount requested for tuition fees qualifies the individual for the program.

  • Applicant’s average family income and net assets vs. the amount requested for tuition fees.


The AASF was launched in 2003 in recognition of the 70th birthday of Archie Alleyne, Member of the Order of Canada.

Musician, entrepreneur, activist, mentor and philanthropist throughout his life, Mr. Alleyne contributed significantly to the Canadian music scene and was actively engaged until his passing in June 2015.  It was his intention to use the AASF to build

and sustain live musicianship by ensuring that students have access to obtain advanced music training and education. 


The Archie Alleyne Scholarship Fund is a program that is administered by the non-profit organization, Brandon Street Community Development Foundation, under Registered Charitable Organization Number 893011965 RR 001.  For more information, visit www.  For more information on the Archie Alleyne Scholarship Fund, visit


Archie Alleyne Scholarship Fund

27 Emmett Avenue

Toronto, ON

M5A 0C2




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